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We are passionate about Type 2 diabetes

Our mission is to passionately inspire men with type 2 diabetes to improve and sustain their vitality by managing their condition through self care.

Here's Your Health Coach

See the person behind Diabetes Disrupters and why she’s so passionate about helping you live your best life. 

Virginia L. Garner, MPA, BSN, RN

Virginia is a registered nurse and chef, who’s on a mission to help you take your life back from Type 2 Diabetes.

She had prediabetes, and felt fine….until she didn’t.

As a nurse and chef she knew how to stop prediabetes in its tracks without eating tasteless food to make it happen.
She has also seen the rise in young men and men in the prime of their lives lose their energy (her stepdad included), their ability to work and play, and their livelihoods because of unmanaged type 2 diabetes. There are many men, just like you, who don’t know what to do with their diagnosis, so they simply do the best that they can.

She’s here to change that.

She helped her stepdad as well as others to improve their lives by teaching them how to better manage their type 2 diabetes. Let her help you by providing simple tools and strategies that decrease your vulnerability to other devastating conditions by taking care of your diabetes.

You are the Diabetes Disrupter. Welcome.

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